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Undertake joint activities that advance the interests of the profession of chemical engineering including:

  • International activities, in particular contributing to the work of the Asia Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering (APCChE)

Chemeca is the name given to an annual conference of Chemical Engineers and Industrial Chemists, which started in Australia in 1970 and which was sponsored by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), the Institution of Engineers Australia (IEAust now Engineers Australia), and the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI).

The first Chemeca was held in both Melbourne and Sydney with the conference being split between both capital cities. It has since expanded to include New Zealand to make it an Australasian conference and the Society of Chemical Engineers New Zealand ( now SCENZ - IChemE in New Zealand) which has been added to the sponsoring institutions (when the conference is in New Zealand).

Chemeca is an opportunity for presentations to be made from both academia and industry and is the venue for meaningful exchange of ideas amongst the professional chemical engineering community. It also provides a forum for plenary and other pre-eminent speakers to present the innovation, cutting edge research, technology, government regulation and industrial developments.

The conference has also on occasion combined with other professional gatherings such APCChE in 1993 and 2002 and it is regularly accompanied by a trade exhibition of supporting industries.

The individual Chemecas are organised by a committee of professionals drawn from academia, government and industry, usually from the host state.

Most Chemecas have an underlying theme; such themes frequently weave continuity to the conference plenaries and keynote speaker�s topics. These can be topical to current professional enterprises or may relate to the venue such as the Chemeca 92 �Effects of Government regulation in the process industries? which linked to the conference being in the centre of Government in Canberra.

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